Sunday, March 29, 2009

I'd be willing to Gamble that this is the most outrageous looking card ever made!

I was going through memory lane by looking at my Topps sets and came across this card. I wonder if he has any regrets.....

The funniest card ever made??

If you know of a card that is funnier, I would be interested to hear from you!!

Craig in Texas

Monday, March 23, 2009

Strange happenings with 2009 Topps Heritage.....

I think it is really strange that this year's Topps Heritage produced the following results for me in two of my auctions that ended Sunday night. Whatever happened to selling great players for high prices? Man, I sure do miss the chances of getting some decent hall of fame players -- unfortunately this year Topps forget to include them in the product! :)

I can not believe this card sold for this high!

I can not believe this card sold for this low!

Craig in Texas

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Which year has the best Topps design of all time???

In my opinion this is the year of the best Topps card design of all time and has always been my favorite set:

The Year of the Best Topps Design of All Time?

Do you agree? If not, what year do you think is the best Topps design ever?

Craig in Texas

Monday, March 16, 2009

I pulled two variations from Topps Heritage!!

I was lucky to pull this Topps Heritage variation out of a pack:

2009 Topps Heritage Variation John Smoltz

Then, I sorted all of cards into numerical order and I saw this:

2009 Topps Heritage Variation Conor Jackson

I have a bunch of Heritage to trade and will be posting my want lists soon.

Craig in Texas

Friday, March 13, 2009

Topps Heritage Variation #5 and #6 DISCOVERED!!!

There are seven confirmed "super" shortprints and #5 and #6 have just been discovered!!! Check them out!!

2009 Topps Heritage Super Shortprint #6

2009 Topps Heritage Super Shortprint #5

2009 Topps Heritage Super Shortprint #4

2009 Topps Heritage Super Shortprint #3

2009 Topps Heritage Super Shortprint #2

2009 Topps Heritage Super Shortprint #1

I still have a few boxes of Heritage coming -- if I get anything good I will post it here so stay tuned!!

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Craig in Texas

Monday, March 9, 2009

The Price Is Right CONTEST #1

I thought it would fun to have a contest! Let's play The Price Is Right!

It's simple--guess the final price of this:

2009 Topps Heritage Real One Autograph


1. Players must post their guess by emailing me by noon Saturday (12:00 pm) CST on March 14, 2009. Auction will end on Sunday March 15 and winner will be announced by Monday March 16.

2. Simply send me an email with your guess. Please put TPIR #1 in the subject line and include your name and your guess. You may only guess once and you may not change your guess. My email is PLEASE DO NOT GUESS BY REPLYING TO THIS THREAD -- SENDING ME AN EMAIL WILL MAKE IT EASIER FOR ME TO TRACK.

3. Closest guess WITHOUT going over wins.

4. I reserve the right to modify rules if I feel they are needed since I am new to hosting these contests.

5. Your name and guess will be posted on my web site [url][/url] so you can follow along. I will not use your full name just first name and initial of your last name or a nickname if you provide that.

The winner will get a 2009 Topps Heritage game used jersey or bat card of their choice from this list:

Kevin Youkilis jersey
Kurt Suzuki bat
Dan Uggla jersey
Miguel Tejada bat
Cameron Maybin jersey

I will try to have these contests weekly depending on how this one goes!


Craig in Texas

Saturday, March 7, 2009

2009 Topps Heritage Retail Case Break

I went ahead and opened two retail cases of 2009 Topps Heritage Baseball. I really like the design of these cards and the odds are not that much different when compared to the more expensive hobby version. All in all, I am very pleased with the cards I received but I noticed that there was something quite peculiar....where are the regular Chromes? Odds are that I was supposed to get one in 10 packs?? Here is the breakdown of what I did get. Do you think I beat the odds?


SP - 63
BF - 17
TN - 15
NAP - 12
NF - 13
Chrome - 4
Chrome Refractors - 16!!
Black Chrome Refractors - 4!!!!!!!!!!!!
Clubhouse Collection - 1 - Dan Uggla


SP - 61
BF - 5 (strange that this is so much less)
TN - 24 (strange that this is so much more)
NAP - 14
NF - 16
Chrome - ZERO!!
Chrome Refractors - 23!!!!
Black Chrome Refractors - 0
Clubhouse Collection - 2- Miguel Tejada, Cameron Maybin
Real One Auto - (1) Art Schult

Friday, March 6, 2009

Topps Heritage DUAL RELIC!!

As you all probably know by now I am a huge fan of Topps Heritage baseball. I was looking on the internet and came across this card. Man oh man I wish I could pull this out of a pack!!

2009 Topps Heritage DUAL Flashback Relic numbered to 10!!

Speaking of pulling cards out of packs, the best card I ever pulled out of a pack was back in 1999-00 Upper Deck Retro basketball. I pulled a redemption card for a Michael Jordan autograph numbered to 23 and ended up selling it for a lot more than I ever imagined.

That was my best pull ever - what is yours?

Craig in Texas

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Topps Heritage RETAIL case break coming soon!

Hey gang! I will be posting a case break this weekend of 2009 Topps
Heritage. I opened a few hobby packs and got a Black refractor of Mark
Teixeira numbered 05/60!! The 500 card set is VERY hard to put
together and I have been trying to the past few days to do this and
today my 500 card set is now complete!! I will be trading this set
for a lot of 1967 Topps High Numbers in EX or better condition that I
need for the set I am working on. If anyone else wants a 500 card
Heritage set and has vintage to trade, please let me know! My want
list is updated and is located on my web site at

Stay tuned for the case break!

Craig in Texas

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Topps Heritage Super Shortprint #3 CONFIRMED!!

Well, initially my friends and I who opened several boxes of 2009 Topps Heritage thought that there were no variations or surprises. In fact, most of us are disappointed in the value of 2009 Topps Heritage and feel that last year, especially the high numbers, provided more value in the way of decent hall of fame inserts. I pulled a red ink Frank Robinson and a dual relic numbered 59/59 that had Jay Bruce and Frank Robinson on it. Well, even though so far this has been a disappointing start to the Heritage season, there have been three confirmed "super" shortprints:

2009 Topps Heritage Super Shortprint #1

2009 Topps Heritage Super Shortprint #2

2009 Topps Heritage Super Shortprint #3

I still have a few boxes of Heritage coming -- if I get anything good I will post it here so stay tuned!!

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Craig in Texas

Monday, March 2, 2009

I'd place this Mantle above my fireplace!!

As I was looking on the internet I came across this card. It is a 1/1 out of this year's Heritage. I can only imagine the feeling of opening up a pack and getting a cut signature of a Hall of Famer.

Here it is:

2009 Topps Heritage Cut Autograph 1/1

Can you say wow???

Craig in Texas

Sunday, March 1, 2009

2009 Topps Heritage -- I'm disappointed...

Well, I went ahead and opened, sorted, and examined every card out of 12 boxes and I have to say I'm disappointed in this year's Topps Heritage. I love the design of the base cards. That is about the only thing I like though. The SP's (426-500) are easy to spot as the card backs are darker than the base cards from 1-425. The inserts are the same as last year -- Then & Now (10 cards), Flashbacks (10 cards), News Flashbacks (10 cards), and New Age Performers (15 cards). I was just told that a "super short print" has just been discovered. Here it is:

Out of 12 boxes I am still several SP's short of a set. I received one black refractor of Carlos Zambrano and one autograph of Art Ceccarelli. Other than a handful of Clubhouse Collection no names, I did not receive anything of great value. The autograph selection this year is VERY weak! Whatever happened to the likes of Willie Mays and Hank Aaron? This year I do not know of any hall of famers that are in the autograph set. It will be interesting to see what the odds are in retail packs but mark my words -- the price of Heritage hobby cases will definitely drop from the current $900 level in the coming weeks. Last year's 2008 Heritage High Numbers is such a better value and can be picked up for hundreds of dollars cheaper.

Here are a few pics of my pulls -- nothing exciting yet but maybe once I hit the Targets and Wal-Mart stores, my opinion of this year's Heritage will change.