Thursday, February 26, 2009

Topps Heritage - Like a carrot dangling just out of reach!

Not fair!!! I want to open and give my review of this year's Heritage but it looks like I will have to wait until Friday since I have not been able to locate any in Texas. Oh well, meanwhile, enjoy this scan of a black refractor also pulled by my friend Kevin!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

2009 Topps Heritage is here!!!

Well, I have proof that 2009 Topps Heritage has been released!! Unfortunately, I do not have any here in Texas. My local dealer says he has confirmation that he will have it on Friday and I will post my pulls shortly thereafter. Meanwhile here are a few pictures of cards that my friend Kevin has posted.....

2009 Topps Heritage!!!!

I managed to find this picture on the internet!!!! Any day now and I will be ripping!!

Also, I saw this card and began to wonder. How can someone hang on to this for 200 years and is it possible to do a DNA test to prove its authentic??? I am not a scientist but I would be curious to know the answer. It is an amazing card but the buy it now seems a bit high in my opinion....

Presidential Hair Cut Autograph

Craig in Texas

Monday, February 23, 2009

Topps Heritage -- 2 days away???

Well, I am kind of bummed out as there are no signs of any 2009 Topps Heritage!! I doubt it will be available by Wednesday!! The latest I heard was that it will be available in card stores this Friday. What a way to spend a weekend by opening Heritage and chewing gum!!! The first card I see will be posted here and I will be checking daily so once again stay tuned!!!

Craig in Texas

Sunday, February 22, 2009

No sign of Heritage

There is no Heritage sighting as of right now. I have checked the bay and all over the internet and NOTHING!! :(

Oh well! A friend of mine was telling me of this card and I have NO idea why it is going for over $1,000!!! I thought this was like a $20 card!!! Check it out:

Hideo Nomo worth this much???

Hopefully I will have better news to report on Heritage tomorrow -- stay tuned!!

And thank you goes out to JayBee for his kind comments in his blog. I encourage you to check it out here as it is a GREAT BLOG:

JayBee's Topps Card Blog

Craig in Texas

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Topps Heritage - any day now!!

Well, it is almost here and usually when a product is supposed to release in hobby stores on an upcoming Wednesday, you will see the cards start to pop up on EBay the weekend before. Right now, I have yet to see any 2009 Topps Heritage baseball but stay tuned as I will post a link to the first card I see!


Craig in Texas

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Topps Heritage - 6 days away!

It is now only six days away until the release date! I can already
smell the gum! I should be getting my shipment on Wednesday and will
be reviewing the product as well as posting pictures of my better
cards. Stay tuned here for all of the fun!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Topps Heritage

Well heritage should be released next Wednesday and we should start
seeing these cards popping up on Ebay soon. Will Heritage be released
in retail before it hits the hobby stores? That was the case with
regular Topps. Stay tuned here to find out!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Here is an amazing video of a box break of 2008 RAZOR signature oval office cuts. Be warned -- there are a couple of words that little kids shouldn't hear....


It is available here if you want to buy it...


Topps Heritage - 10 more days away!!

10 more days until Topps Heritage is released!!

I should have the checklist soon so stay here for more details!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

A friend of mine was telling me of this historical card that went over $4,000. Check it out!!

Barack Obama and Jackie Robinson Cut Autograph

Topps Heritage - 11 days away!!

11 more days until 2009 Topps Heritage. If anyone has a preliminary checklist that is more organized than the one off of the Topps web site, please let me know. Thanks!

Craig in Texas

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Topps Heritage

Well, we have 12 days left until the release date of Topps Heritage
unless it gets delayed. I look forward to this product every year.
This year I decided to prebuy my cases from a reputable dealer after
getting delayed last year by svu18. So I went with lrcards who has
been reputable among my Collectors Universe trading buddies. Big
mistake. Lrcards went out of business and now people are scrambling
trying to find dealers that have Heritage. As of this post there is
only one dealer that has a case listed on Ebay, Blowout Cards. Blowout
is basically price gouging asking for well over $900 a case. Blowout
used to have decent prices as I have bought from them several times.
However, they have recently changed their ways and now charge prices
that you would expect to see at card shops in shopping malls. Well,
those are my thoughts for today. Check back tomorrow and every day for
more Heritage news!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Topps Heritage Daily Blog

I started my blog several months ago and thought I would go ahead and give it another try. Hopefully I will update this on a much more frequent basis. Please look at my web page at for my up to date trade list and want list. In a couple of weeks, 2009 Topps Heritage will be released. This set will have the design of vintage 1960 Topps. I look forward to this product every year. Stick around here to see updates as we inch closer to the release date!

Craig in Texas

Check out the 2009 Topps Heritage Preview here!!