Saturday, February 14, 2009

Topps Heritage

Well, we have 12 days left until the release date of Topps Heritage
unless it gets delayed. I look forward to this product every year.
This year I decided to prebuy my cases from a reputable dealer after
getting delayed last year by svu18. So I went with lrcards who has
been reputable among my Collectors Universe trading buddies. Big
mistake. Lrcards went out of business and now people are scrambling
trying to find dealers that have Heritage. As of this post there is
only one dealer that has a case listed on Ebay, Blowout Cards. Blowout
is basically price gouging asking for well over $900 a case. Blowout
used to have decent prices as I have bought from them several times.
However, they have recently changed their ways and now charge prices
that you would expect to see at card shops in shopping malls. Well,
those are my thoughts for today. Check back tomorrow and every day for
more Heritage news!

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